Echtes und falsches Augmented Reality

Many companies out there present you Augmented Reality Apps and AR Demos. But what they produce is actually not Augmented Reality, but some nice 2D Animations, layered on top of the camera function of your mobile device. Everything that looks like Pokemon Go is not real Augmented Reality, because Pokemon Go does not really augment your reality. It does gather the GPS data from your device and displays the collecting points and Pokemons of your location, but it is not AR, even though most people associate it with this game.


Pokemon Go is not real Augmented Reality.

You might say this sort of applications expand your mobile device (so you have an Augmented Mobile Device) because yes, your mobile device is displaying things it don´t do on a regular basis, at least not with your common apps.


But real Augmented Reality looks very different from that. Augmented Reality is the fully translation of information, data and applications into the augmented 3D space, or your environment, or whatever you call it. Visualizing those things in Augmented Reality requires time, creativity, maybe some real Design Thinking, information about the information, about the customer, about psychology, about data.

It is basically User Experience and User Interface Design advanced, UI³ and UX³. You are working with the space around you, and it does need more effort to create usable and beautiful software than the regular process.

And yes, even Augmented Reality demos will use real AR elements in them. 2D graphics exist because oft the boundaries of flat screens. A regular 2D version of your app placed somewhere in the room is not Augmented Reality, even not with digital markers. It is simply a copy of your regular app.

Industrial Augmented Reality

Industrial Augmented Reality is using 3D models of existing reallife objects, or of objects which might be build in the future. Everything that already exists in 3D won´t get more 3D.




Augmented Reality itself is visualizing your thoughts and the essence of your data in a brain-friendly way, so you can consume it with minimum effort. It will have 3D elements in it, and it will interpret and show you information in a completely different way than you are used to from your books, magazines, articles and your regular software applications.

Don´t get mislead by products and companies using Augmented Reality as a buzzword to sell their 2D layer-software to you.

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